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When majority is insane, sane must go to asylum.

Quoted by Mark Twain

Democracy is like a tamborine - not everyone can be trusted with it.

Quoted by John Oliver

Voter apathy was, and will remain the greatest threat to democracy.

Quoted by Hazen Pingree

You call democracy freedom. I call it corporation.

Quoted by Jeffrey Fischer

Democracy is a brawl settled in advance by counting heads.

Quoted by David P. Gontar

We hold there is no worse enemy to a state than he who keeps the law in his own hands.

Quoted by Edith Hamilton

Change represents the real spirit of democracy and the real America.

Quoted by Bryant McGill

Success of democracy lies within the analytical thought of a common man.

Quoted by M.H. Rakib

A democracy without values easily turns into open or thinly disguised totalitarianism.

Quoted by Pope John Paul II

Free man needs loyalty to the self first of all, and this implies the right to be himself

Quoted by Joost A. M. Meerloo

Open Everything' is everything--it is our mind, our heart, our soul, our destiny.

Quoted by Robert David Steele

The US exports democracy, hence there being very little left for Americans

Quoted by Dean Cavanagh

It looks as if British democracy died a few years ago, and nobody noticed.

Quoted by Steve Merrick

Seberapa jauhkah kebenaran terpapar sebelum suatu negara bubar?

Quoted by Toba Beta

For the minority, what else is democracy than dictatorship?

Quoted by Anna Jae

It's an election year. We would prefer that voters didn't use common sense.

Quoted by Aaron Sorkin

The more I see of the representatives of the people, the more I admire my dogs.

Quoted by Alphonse De Lamartine

The health of democracy, not its hate, is its best propaganda.

Quoted by Judith C. Waller

Kennedy echoed Stanley Baldwin that a democracy is always two years behind a dictator.

Quoted by Scott Farris

En democracia la política es un teatro y nadie puede actuar en un teatro sin fingir.

Quoted by Javier Cercas