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Bergantung pada manusia itu meresahkan. Bergantung pada Allah itu menentramkan.

Quoted by Helvy Tiana Rosa

He (God) is right and always has been, because in reality God is only love.

Quoted by Deepak Chopra

I'm from Texas…the bigger the hair, the closer to God!

Quoted by Lilly Ghalichi

There is no God, but we whole world can creat (God) by loving & helping eachothers !

Quoted by Basu regmi nepal

We need your patience Your knowledge we need your caring heart

Quoted by April Nichole

Isn't it interesting that all of the biblical prophets and psalmists were poets?

Quoted by Eugene H. Peterson

Knowledge and the study of God's Word is voided by the folding of unwilling hands.

Quoted by Joshua Roman

Lord Shiva, you my sunshine, my soul, Sivoham.

Quoted by Usha Cosmico

If your screen stays blank or your notepad empty, God cannot use your words.

Quoted by K.M. Logan

Keep focusing on God and all things will work out.

Quoted by Ray S. Jones

Your Heart, Your Mind, Your Creator! Your Soul Will Follow.

Quoted by Richard M Knittle Jr.

Thou wilt be condemned in to everlasting redemption for this.

Quoted by Much Ado About Nothing

In her mind she was free; only her body was captive.

Quoted by Nina GagenTorn

Zombies are far better than religious people, because they do not discriminate in killing.

Quoted by M.F. Moonzajer

When the GRACE of God is empty in a man's life then the DISGRACE of the devil comes in.

Quoted by Olasunkanmi Ayanmo

Both glory and dominion last forever but glory is for God and dominion is for mankind.

Quoted by Auliq Ice

Sticking a straw up your butt won't get rid of the constipation.

Quoted by Jess H

God does not bless religious efforts-He blesses heart-felt obedience.

Quoted by Jim George

A good religious is the one who fights against the religion for the sake of religion.

Quoted by M.F. Moonzajer

He had accessorized his life with everything but paternal instinct.

Quoted by Noorilhuda