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Once I ran out of excuses, I reclaimed my life. Now, I don't need excuses.

Quoted by Jamie Anne Richardson

Say NO to negativity and say YES to positivity. Negativity has no place in your life.

Quoted by Stephanie Lahart

When you live in the present, the past is forgotten & the future takes care of itself.

Quoted by Mandy Hale

In order for someone to be 100% content, they must first believe it to be so.

Quoted by Mark W Boyer

Positive thinking,' he would say, 'is also very important.

Quoted by Terry Pratchett

You can either feed negative thoughts or you can starve the suckers.

Quoted by Fawn Weaver

Be Positive. Be Passionate. Be Persistent. Be Poetic.

Quoted by Joe Evener

Think positively. Always focus on the positive side of any situation.

Quoted by Lailah Gifty Akita

We must be willing to expand the heart in order to be able to expand our thinking.

Quoted by Molly Friedenfeld

Nothing is hurt unless you are negative thinker

Quoted by Tagor Manroo

Make yourself feel good. Be enthusiastic about your day.

Quoted by Tara Estacaan

Sometimes you literally need some pressure on your shoulder, to fetch the best in you...

Quoted by Shivam Saxena

Love is about dreams, don't go to sleep expecting them, make them a reality.

Quoted by Dixie Waters

A positive attitude influences our behavior and dictates a successful approach.

Quoted by Brian Michael Good

Are you satisfied with you? Great! Are not you? Let's start in the mirror...

Quoted by Da Anunciao Marco

Because you've survived, there is a next strategy.

Quoted by Janny Wurts

By concentrating on what I was grateful for, I was able to stave off despair.

Quoted by Amanda Lindhout

I Don't Suffer From A Complex But The Complex Suffers From Me.

Quoted by Amit Abraham

When you follow your desires, your fears fade.

Quoted by Jackie Ruka

The goal of life isn't to make lots of money. Its to make a life that means EXCLUSIVE.

Quoted by Mohit Manke