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I admit I have Mental Illness so please no more 'Fruit Cakes' for Christmas Please

Quoted by Stanley Victor Paskavich

A child's death isn't always necessary for a mother to grieve.

Quoted by Bebe Moore Campbell

My psychiatrist said I had charisma so at least I'm certified

Quoted by Stanley Victor Paskavich

A nightmare has taken hold of my body. Lunacy has dug its way inside my mind.

Quoted by Amanda Steele

Every one wants to be a Genius. But only the brave choose to go mad to get there...

Quoted by Stanley Victor Paskavich

1 in 5 people have dandruff. 1 in 4 people have mental health problems. I've had both.

Quoted by Ruby Wax

Forgive me for being chipper, but despair is desperately dull.

Quoted by Marya Hornbacher

The voices in my head that tell the other voices what to do are mean.

Quoted by Stanley Victor Paskavich

I'm afraid to see a psychiatrist about the voices in my head. She might know who they are.

Quoted by Stanley Victor Paskavich

Your mind is my treasure, and if it were broken, it would be my treasure still

Quoted by Charlotte Bront

Don't worry, everyone is mentally ill, they just haven't figured out a name for yours yet.

Quoted by Chris Sprudz

It can't have been fun to live with somebody whose brain was under siege.

Quoted by Darrell Hammond

If you can still wipe your own backside then life's not that bad!

Quoted by E.J. Plows

View other authors as your allies rather than your competition

Quoted by Shannon Love

It has many forms, not all of which look like what you see in movies.

Quoted by Carya CunninghamSloan

The simple truth is, not every fight can be won.

Quoted by Elyn R. Saks

I'm Bipolar but as normal as you except for the times my mind thinks like two

Quoted by Stanley Victor Paskavich

When you are cursed with a bipolar mind racing thoughts are the ones that you find

Quoted by Stanley Victor Paskavich

No healthy mind could bring itself to torture another human being.

Quoted by Lance Conrad

I have a mental illness, but that doesn't stop me from being mentally capable.

Quoted by Lisa M. Cronkhite