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Attacks Quotes

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Perceive conflict as positive, creative, and issue driven. Don't allow personal attacks.

Quoted by Eunice ParisiCarew

Dean Koontz is good in the silence makes silence... then he just attacks! - WOW

Quoted by Deyth Banger

The devil's attacks are proof of his powerlessness before us

Quoted by Sunday Adelaja

When the occupier attacks you, it considers more equitable and the owner than you.

Quoted by Kamaran Ihsan Salih

The wolf attacks with his fang, the bull with his horn.

Quoted by Horace

I'm a guy. Unless the dirt attacks first, I leave it in peace.

Quoted by Katie Graykowski

The average golfer doesn't play golf. He attacks it.

Quoted by Jack Burke

We need to resist all the attacks of the enemy and not get caught in his provocations

Quoted by Sunday Adelaja

When the enemy attacks you, it means you are on the right road.

Quoted by Enver Hoxha

Don't fear the enemy that attacks you, but the fake friend that hugs you.

Quoted by unknown

Depression end somewhere… here… when anxiety and panic attacks start attacking.

Quoted by Deyth Banger

People who use snark attacks confuse cleverness with cruelty.

Quoted by Debra Crown LPCS LCDC