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Stop waiting for creative inspiration. Start creating and inspire yourself along the way.

Quoted by Ryan Lilly

Quit Believing in Lies and Always Search For the Truth!

Quoted by Charleston Parker

ALL EXCUSES must be FOUGHT by taking ACTION against the THOUGHT. ~ Author Mammy Oaklee

Quoted by Mammy Oaklee

The proper function of the critic is to save the tale from the artist who created it.

Quoted by D.H. Lawrence

A critic is a legless man who teaches other people to run

Quoted by Channing Pollock

Until I find a home in a human, art has my heart.

Quoted by Nikki Rowe

Let the beauty radiate from inside your heart to the outside world.

Quoted by Imania Margria

Don't judge me by my books. They're not my voices, and they were never my stories to tell.

Quoted by Nadge Richards

One can't force the mind, body or heart to heal in order to meet a writing deadline.

Quoted by Sarah Gerdes

If movements were a spark every dancer would desire to light up in flames.

Quoted by Shah Asad Rizvi

If spirit is the seed, dance is the water of its evolution.

Quoted by Shah Asad Rizvi

She who is a dancer can only sway the silk of her hair like the summer breeze.

Quoted by Shah Asad Rizvi

DANCE - Defeat All Negativity (via) Creative Expression.

Quoted by Shah Asad Rizvi

Show me a person who found love in his life and did not celebrate it with a dance.

Quoted by Shah Asad Rizvi

Sometimes in life confusion tends to arise and only dialogue of dance seems to make sense.

Quoted by Shah Asad Rizvi

Make dance the mission every moment seeks to accomplish.

Quoted by Shah Asad Rizvi

Life is an affair of mystery; shared with companions of music, dance and poetry.

Quoted by Shah Asad Rizvi

Burdened no more is soul for whom life flows through dance like breath.

Quoted by Shah Asad Rizvi

When regret and shame fades away, beauty will be in your heart to forever stay.

Quoted by Imania Margria

Books are where words live. I read to discover if anybody's home.

Quoted by Tom Van Dyke