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Bigotry Quotes

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Reasoning is the cure for superstitions and bigotry.

Quoted by Abhijit Naskar

From bigots who hawk their god door-to-door, preserve us.

Quoted by A.J. Beirens

People who change their religion should face the death penalty.

Quoted by Zakir Naik

Bigotry will always find a way where people are kept in a bubble of ignorance.

Quoted by Mawuena Addo

As far as I am concerned, bigotry in strawberry or vanilla flavor is still bigotry.

Quoted by Christina Engela

Readers will be swept up by the drama and fast pace of this powerful debut novel.

Quoted by Reading Today Online International Reading Association

Societies members are made up of members of society.

Quoted by Anthony T. Hincks

Xenophobia is when you smile at people and they don't smile back.

Quoted by Neel Burton

Racism hurts everyone, including racists themselves.

Quoted by DaShanne Stokes

We must tell the world that even though we elected a bigot, bigotry will not prevail.

Quoted by DaShanne Stokes

Building bridges takes us further than building walls.

Quoted by DaShanne Stokes

Someone has said that it requires less mental effort to condemn than to think.

Quoted by Emma Goldman

Beware of anyone who calls you bad names merely for asking honest questions.

Quoted by Jim Goad

But why should he be open-minded when he thinks he's right?

Quoted by Johnny Rich

The Great Spirit finds all life, even that of an abomination, is sacred.

Quoted by Craig R. Key

Racism is just one of several illnesses passed on to children by their parents.

Quoted by Wayne Gerard Trotman

The flawed must be quiet; they must not bring attention to their aberrations.

Quoted by Olukemi Amala

An Underground Railroad story with a distinctive flavor. -Booklist

Quoted by Sharon Lovejoy

Remember who you are. This creature wants to take it from you. Do not let him.

Quoted by Jim Butcher

Our country has an incurable disease called hate.

Quoted by Lorin MorganRichards