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Body Quotes

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Narrow all your interests until your mind, heart, and body are focused on Jesus Christ.

Quoted by Oswald Chambers

In my opinion, Nigeria matters! The body of Christ matters

Quoted by Sunday Adelaja

Every Christian has their place in the body of Christ

Quoted by Sunday Adelaja

Could a body broken and blood spilled two thousand years ago restore my own damaged life?

Quoted by Frederica MathewesGreen

The Heart of what you are is not your body or your thoughts but pure Consciousness itself.

Quoted by J.M. Harrison

When the soul heals, the issues of the body disappear like they never happened.

Quoted by Pawan Mishra

I tried to push my body through his and completely disappear.

Quoted by Jennifer Elisabeth

The bad feeling is the body knowing and pushing toward what good would be.

Quoted by Eugene T. Gendlin

Worry only wears the body, soul and the spirit.

Quoted by Lailah Gifty Akita

You can change a body, but you can't change a soul. The heart wants what it wants.

Quoted by Chris Colfer

One can't force the mind, body or heart to heal in order to meet a writing deadline.

Quoted by Sarah Gerdes

In the words of the poet, my heart was in the east with you, but my body was out west.

Quoted by Andre Aciman

Step out of your body And let your soul speak for you.

Quoted by Rafy Rohan

Be kind to every body and every body will be kind to you.

Quoted by Debasish Mridha

We must dare to be true to ourselves - to see ourselves as we really are.

Quoted by Annika Sorensen

Bodies get older. Spirits never die!

Quoted by Cass van Krah

We cannot step into the same river of our body twice.

Quoted by Cheryl Pallant

The grass is not 'greener' on the other side - it is just another shade of green.

Quoted by Annika Sorensen

When the body escaped mutilation, seldom did the heart go to the grave unscarred.

Quoted by Virginia Woolf

No body is a looser either he is a Winner or a Learner

Quoted by Abhishek Shukla