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The law wasn't a great business to be in if one valued truth, or even justice.

Quoted by John Connolly

Opportunity exist for those who can observe trends, for this world is a trending place.

Quoted by AuliqIce

The Shoes Should fit! you can't build a business that is not yours.

Quoted by Hockson Floin

Let them ask who you are but do not let others dictate who you should be.

Quoted by Hockson Floin

Nothing about you is worthless, unless you choose to do yourself less.

Quoted by Kangoma Kindembo

When we allow negative messages to fester in our head, they take on a life of their own.

Quoted by Lolly Daskal

Do not allow your inner doubts to keep you from achieving what you can do.

Quoted by Lolly Daskal

Don't blame others. it won't make you a better person.

Quoted by Lolly Daskal

Don't set your own goals by what other people make important.

Quoted by Lolly Daskal

Intuition is a sense of knowing how to act decisively without needing to know why.

Quoted by Lolly Daskal

Let us give Nature a chance; she knows her business better than we do.

Quoted by Michel de Montaigne

Photography is not a lens but eye, not a business but art

Quoted by Farid F Ibrahim

A painting shouldn't be just a picture, it should be a philosophy.

Quoted by Amit Kalantri

A mannequin will never have a heart for man's business.

Quoted by Anthony T.Hincks

Even the richest of brands are robbed by poor character.

Quoted by Criss Jami

Tweet others the way you want to want to be tweeted.

Quoted by Germany Kent

I want to reach the top with it all--business, family and faith!

Quoted by Joy Harris

Freedom rings when you realize you can become what you never thought you could become.

Quoted by Richie Norton

The virtues of free enterprise can become distorted by greed & delusion.

Quoted by Allan Lokos

War is not just the business of death, it is the antitheses of life.

Quoted by joss whedon Fray