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Compromise Quotes

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If you compromise your core values, you go nowhere.

Quoted by Roy T. Bennett

Well-intentioned but ill-informed actions usually compromise quality.

Quoted by Rajen Jani

Compromise brings harmony to both, happiness to none.

Quoted by Amit Kalantri

I will demand a puppy if I am forced to move to Fiji. But I will settle for a bunny.

Quoted by David Levithan rachel cohn

Life was too short to sit around waiting for Mr Perfect.

Quoted by Emily Arden

Every relation need adjustments to survive, but those dies where one compromise..

Quoted by Debolina Bhawal

Wherever there is true love, compromising will always be an unspoken norm.

Quoted by Edmond Mbiaka

Compromise - better bend than break. - Scottish Proverb

Quoted by Aleatha Romig

Absolute excellence is rarely to be found in any legislation.

Quoted by Alexis de Tocqueville

Any place you compromise in principle you will execute in performance.

Quoted by Johnnie Dent Jr.

Compromise is the assassin of fellowship with God.

Quoted by Mark Hall

Don't compromise your values just to get the job done.

Quoted by Megan Linski

One must either rule side by side or be subdued entirely.

Quoted by Karen Essex

We worked to find not a middle-ground, but a new ground that would support us both.

Quoted by Jewelle Gomez

Can compromise be an art? Yes--but a minor art.

Quoted by Joyce Carol Oates

Instead of either/or, I discovered a whole world of and.

Quoted by Gloria Steinem

Compromise is a word found only in the vocabulary of those who have no will to fight.

Quoted by St. Josemaria Escriva

Do not let us mistake necessary evils for good.

Quoted by C.S. Lewis

If it is worth a dream, it's not worth a compromise!

Quoted by Chintan Jain

Battlefields are unpredictable places - even under a flag of truce.

Quoted by Star Trek Enterprise