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Concerned Quotes

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Dear corrupt law enforcement, we are watching you. Yours sincerely, concerned citizens.

Quoted by Steven Magee

Afterall a concerned sincere heart & clear conscience is what matters & nothing else...

Quoted by Aanu

To put it simply, the lizard brain is purely concerned with survival.

Quoted by Stephen Richards

I'm concerned about myself, but I'm less concerned about 'only myself'.

Quoted by Mohith Agadi

He who is concerned only with the purity of his own life ruins the great human relations.

Quoted by Confucius

As far as Samson was concerned I was just another foreigner in pursuit of a lunatic quest.

Quoted by Tahir Shah

People become concerned with being more humble than other people.

Quoted by Alan Watts

As far as I am concerned, bigotry in strawberry or vanilla flavor is still bigotry.

Quoted by Christina Engela

Man cannot be homophobic without having concerned himself with another's sex life.

Quoted by Mokokoma Mokhonoana

All men are more concerned to recover what they lose than to acquire what they lack.

Quoted by Aesop

As far as I'm concerned the last good man went when Elvis died.

Quoted by Jennifer Crusie

I am not concerned at present with blame; I am trying to find out truth.

Quoted by C. S. Lewis

Why is it that those who are the most concerned with manners rarely have any themselves?

Quoted by Heidi Schulz

...the Ministry of Peace, which concerned itself with war...

Quoted by George Orwell

The writer is more concerned to know than to judge.

Quoted by W. Somerset Maugham

Philosophy is being concerned about a lot of things one needn't be concerned with.

Quoted by Marty Rubin

And the best way to quit being concerned with yourself is to be concerned about others.

Quoted by Florinda Donner

It is right that we be concerned with the scientific probity of metaphysics.

Quoted by Gabriel Marcel

Mathematics is concerned only with the enumeration and comparison of relations.

Quoted by Carl Friedrich Gauss

Legalism is concerned simply with external conformity and is blind to internal motivation.

Quoted by R.C. Sproul