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Conflict Quotes

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Perceive conflict as positive, creative, and issue driven. Don't allow personal attacks.

Quoted by Eunice ParisiCarew

Drama don't arrive by surprise; it is summoned, undisguised.

Quoted by T.F. Hodge

The conflict hasn't gotten worst but the contest has really changed.............

Quoted by Patience Johnson

Bringing countries together above their conflicts require great minds and great hearts.

Quoted by Amit Ray

There is no conflict between loving others deeply and living mindfully.

Quoted by Sharon Salzberg

Insane love. Loving insanity. Insanity and love...

Quoted by Simona Panova

When the current reality creates conflict, distance is often a solution.

Quoted by Nityananda Das

Mutually helping team members achieve both individual and team objectives.

Quoted by Rajen Jani

The concern of a team member is also the concern of the team.

Quoted by Rajen Jani

Some team members act as adhesives to unite the team.

Quoted by Rajen Jani

Retail selling benefits from aggressive publicity.

Quoted by Rajen Jani

In order to sell, salespersons have to correctly evaluate and cater to customer choices.

Quoted by Rajen Jani

In sales, every prospect is a potential customer.

Quoted by Rajen Jani

A team is more than the sum of the individuals.

Quoted by Rajen Jani

The clearer the objective, the better the performance.

Quoted by Rajen Jani

Growth-oriented performance demands sustained entrepreneurial efforts.

Quoted by Rajen Jani

Well-intentioned but ill-informed actions usually compromise quality.

Quoted by Rajen Jani

Helping others is an effective way of training oneself.

Quoted by Rajen Jani

Training of parts leads to training of the whole.

Quoted by Rajen Jani

Employees are usually motivated to stay or leave due to their managers.

Quoted by Rajen Jani