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Confusing Quotes

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Laws are confusing documents. They get in the way if justice.

Quoted by Paolo Bacigalupi

Laws are confusing documents. They get in the way of justice.

Quoted by Paolo Bacigalupi

Don't confuse love with the fear of being lonely...

Quoted by Erik Tanghe

An ability to look into the confusing mess of life and see things for what they are.

Quoted by Suzanne Collins

In India an explanation is often more confusing than what prompted it.

Quoted by Tahir Shah

One of the most confusing issues in channeling is that of accuracy.

Quoted by Shepherd Hoodwin

You know how confusing the whole good-evil concept is for me.

Quoted by Jim Butcher

A family is a group of people who keep confusing you with someone you were as a kid.

Quoted by Robert Brault

Smiling is confusing, she thought. This is why I don´t do it

Quoted by Rainbow Rowell

You have to quit confusing a madness with a mission.

Quoted by Flannery O'Connor

Only cricket can make a moment like this so confusing and messed up. Common sense please.

Quoted by Dave Forrest

Gaslighting is confusing because they switch to intermittent concern.

Quoted by Tracy Malone

Time travel is only a little less confusing than wives.

Quoted by Ranvir Shorey