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Connection Quotes

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Kindness connects our souls and makes us richer for the experience.

Quoted by Dee Waldeck

Often more connections can mean greater distance.

Quoted by Freequill

Build me up and I with you. For we are more one than two.

Quoted by Deborah Day

I trust our connection, regardless of what logic has to say.

Quoted by Nikki Rowe

Be captivated by your hearts desire, not distracted by your minds fear.

Quoted by Nikki Rowe

True human connection is found at the level of pure consciousness.

Quoted by Patrick Zeis

I'm not trying to bleed you. I want to renew you.

Quoted by W.P. Kinsella

Silence is only awkward if one cannot feel a connection with the other.

Quoted by Dominic Riccitello

It is in deep solitude and silence that I find the sensuality with which I can truly love.

Quoted by Lebo Grand

The history of your happiness is the history of your feeling connected.

Quoted by Vironika Tugaleva

The discovery of purpose is in connection to activities that inspires you the most.

Quoted by ANIKOR Daniel

Take time to feed your soul and keep the mind-body-spirit connection strong.

Quoted by Dee Waldeck

Thinking is human nature and the connection to spiritual dimensions

Quoted by Vasilios Karpos

Friends ask you questions; enemies question you.

Quoted by Criss Jami

Positive thoughts strengthen the connection of mind, body, and spirit.

Quoted by Nozer Kanga

...the strands that connect us are frail, so don't hang great weights on slender wires...

Quoted by John Geddes

In my eyes, BDSM is not a sexual experience, it's a spiritual connection.

Quoted by Simon Shroud

To connect is to dissolve the imaginary pyramids of artificial privilege.

Quoted by Stefan Molyneux

We all came into this world wired to connect with all life.

Quoted by Linda Bender

To conserve energy, her little planet stopped spinning.

Quoted by Haruki Murakami