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You can cover the wrinkles of age by becoming more cheerful and enthusiastic.

Quoted by Debasish Mridha

I wanted to find one law to cover all of living. I found fear....

Quoted by Michael Ondaatje

People lie to cover their mistakes, and then make even worse ones to cover their lies.

Quoted by Anne Perry

If you judge art by its cover, then you efface the very essence of it

Quoted by Evy Michaels

I only read books if Voltaire's cock has been dipped in red ink and rolled over the cover.

Quoted by Greg Proops

I couldn't toast a piece of bread with the amount of heat they were putting on you

Quoted by Jessica Lange

To Live In The Atmosphere Of The Covered Glory Is To Acknowledge God As A Restorer

Quoted by Sunday Adelaja

And... a bed. A bed and a blanket to cover them, a blanket that was theirs together.

Quoted by Laini Taylor

Snow is both sides of the same page It covers the grave and the tulip

Quoted by Richard L. Ratliff

Grace and chocolate cake can cover a world of awkwardness.

Quoted by LisaJo Baker

Often times, celebrated disability is a excuse to cover up real abilities.

Quoted by Paul Bamikole

You can cover a great deal of country in books.

Quoted by Andrew Lang

I started running to escape the memories that drinking couldn't cover up

Quoted by Dean Karnazes

To be inspired is great, but to inspire is an honor.

Quoted by Stacey T. Hunt

I'd rather let you cover all my roads with thorns than with dead roses.

Quoted by Nema AlAraby

Distance matters only when you fail to cover it through your mind

Quoted by Munia Khan

What does religious freedom mean if we would use it as a cover for hate and privilege?

Quoted by DaShanne Stokes

You can rely on corporate funded researchers to cover up inconvenient truths.

Quoted by Steven Magee

All the courtesies in the world do not cover up the one vital and massive discourtesy.

Quoted by John Howard Griffin

To Be Filled With The Knowledge Of God's Glory Is To Be As The Water Cover The Sea

Quoted by Sunday Adelaja