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Crime Quotes

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Endangering human life for profit should be a universal crime.

Quoted by Suzy Kassem

Sometimes the law is about as useful as tits on a bull. Good people end up hurt.

Quoted by Joanna Schaffhausen

The world's last prison will be simply a hospital for moral incurables.

Quoted by Charlotte Perkins Gilman

Always assume a corporate controlled government is corrupt until proven otherwise.

Quoted by Steven Magee

Issues are like tissues. You pull one out and another appears!

Quoted by Gary Goldstein

Criminals do not die by the hands of the law. They die by the hands of other men.

Quoted by George Bernard Shaw

Just because something isn't good doesn't mean it's bad.

Quoted by Rebecca McNutt

No crime is a means to an end. No crime can be rationalized.

Quoted by Compton Gage

The devil's agents may be of flesh and blood, may they not?

Quoted by Arthur Conan Doyle

La asesina porque lo lleva escrito en su sino, no hay más vuelta de hoja, solamente eso...

Quoted by Andres Montenegro

Each wrong idea we follow is a crime committed against future generations.

Quoted by Arthur Koestler

A traitor commits his crime but once. The rest/is retribution.

Quoted by Marie Howe

The clouds of night opened like ink blossoming in water.

Quoted by Christopher Fowler

...chance is sometimes a wonderful accomplice in crime.

Quoted by Émile Gaboriau

Writing is possibly an art but crime writing is definitely a craft.

Quoted by Ashwin Sanghi

All crimes, all hatreds, all wars can be reduced to unhappiness.

Quoted by A. S. Neill

If poverty is the mother of all crimes, lack of intelligence is their father.

Quoted by Jean de La Bruyre

Ugly as sin, but she makes herself felt. You agree?

Quoted by Agatha Christie

In that hothouse atmosphere, criminal records bloomed like orchids all around us.

Quoted by JeanDominique Bauby

Some of the most likeable people on the outside are capable of truly heinous things.

Quoted by Kenneth G. Eade