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Do not be afraid to preach the gospel; Jesus Christ was not afraid to die on the cross.

Quoted by Felix Wantang

Most of the dreams that have suffered to death were murdered by their own owners.

Quoted by Israelmore Ayivor

If you can get life outta love, you should die trying to get love outta life.

Quoted by Shane Rainey

All who die, are all worldly beings (sansari - believing the worldly life to be real).

Quoted by Dada Bhagwan

Live in such a way that when you die you leave God in your will for your children.

Quoted by Shannon L. Alder

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You think it's so great to die and make everyone cry and carry on. Well it ain't.

Quoted by Katherine Paterson

May be able to die those who didn't know how to live

Quoted by Manuel Maria Barbosa du Bocage

...every human being is doomed to die, which is the greatest of all failures.

Quoted by George Orwell

If some persons died and others did not die death would indeed be a terrible affliction.

Quoted by Jean de La Bruyre

I had never known any man to die while speaking in terza-rima

Quoted by Ernest Hemingway

Every living thing requires love to survive for without it, we die.

Quoted by Sanjo Jendayi

There are worse ways to die than warm and drunk.

Quoted by George R.R. Martin

Literature is the ditch I'm going to die in. It's still the thing I care most about.

Quoted by Thomas McGuane

To learn to die is to learn to live. Death is the giver of life.

Quoted by Michael Foley

I love you now... I love you immortally, even if I die and there is nothing left of me.


Beastly of him to die before you realized he might be fascinating.

Quoted by Tasha Alexander

What can I say? I prefer to die well informed.

Quoted by Nalini Singh

Either we live by accident and die by accident, or we live by plan and die by plan.

Quoted by Thornton Wilder