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Dishonesty Quotes

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Even the richest of brands are robbed by poor character.

Quoted by Criss Jami

A crooked truth is far straight than a straight lie

Quoted by Ernest Agyemang Yeboah

Any halfway clever devil would decorate the highway to Hell as beautiful as possible.

Quoted by Criss Jami

Tension, in the long run, is a more dangerous force than any feud known to man.

Quoted by Criss Jami

Hang your merit. I don't seek anyone's approbation.

Quoted by Fyodor Dostoyevsky

When Reacher Gilt talks about freedom, he means his, not anyone else's.

Quoted by Terry Pratchett

A partial truth is the most common path to an entire lie.

Quoted by Fred Muoz

Lies are like cockroaches, for every one you discover there are many more that are hidden.

Quoted by Gary Hopkins

You cannot weave the truth from a string of lies

Quoted by Fred Muoz

The truth cannot be woven out of a string of lies.

Quoted by Fred Muoz

A partial truth is nothing more than an entire lie.

Quoted by Fred Muoz

I tried my best to fight oppression, but America's at her happiest ruled by liars.

Quoted by Mark Millar

Don't be afraid of enemies who attack you. Be afraid of the friends who flatter you.

Quoted by Dale Carnegie

There was nothing she would ever change about him , except for who he thought she was.

Quoted by R.J. Groves

Hatred and dishonesty generally arises from fear of being deceived.

Quoted by Luc De Clapiers

Being nice merely to be liked in return nullifies the point.

Quoted by Criss Jami

Professionalism makes work relationships healthy, foolishness and dishonesty erodes them.

Quoted by Ty Howard

Being dishonest to himself is the biggest crime any human can make

Quoted by Loknath

The worst kind of lying I've ever done is keeping things from people.

Quoted by Elijah Wood

Lying is like alcoholism. You are always recovering.

Quoted by Steven Soderbergh