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Existence Quotes

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The precision of the creator's natural laws makes existence of earth meaningful

Quoted by Sunday Adelaja

Every human life bears a significant importance to the existence of humanity

Quoted by Chinonye J. Chidolue

Don't curse the gods; you will feel shame when you have to call on them for help

Quoted by Bangambiki Habyarimana

Truth, independent of the Self, is irrelevant to the biological existence of human life.

Quoted by Abhijit Naskar

Never forget O Brave One, the best kind of existence is to exist for others.

Quoted by Abhijit Naskar

He who denies the existence of God, has some reason for wishing that God did not exist.

Quoted by St. Augustine

Either we live by accident and die by accident, or we live by plan and die by plan.

Quoted by Thornton Wilder

I was not, I was, I am not, I care not. (Non fui, fui, non sum, non curo)

Quoted by Epicurus

Time is the wealth through which everything comes into existence.

Quoted by Sunday Adelaja

Love knows of my existence, just as I know of hers.

Quoted by Anthony T. Hincks

I am responsible for my own existence and happiness.

Quoted by Nathaniel Branden

The universe only exist within us. All of what is outside of us is also within us.

Quoted by Avis J. Williams

By the power of God, everything came into existence.

Quoted by Lailah Gifty Akita

Could you exist just for the art of existence?

Quoted by Talismanist Giebra

Turn your life moments into a unique art of existence.

Quoted by Talismanist Giebra

The best kind of existence is to exist for others.

Quoted by Abhijit Naskar

Follow your heart. It will lead you to where you need to be.

Quoted by Avis J. Williams

We are all teachers, we all have knowledge and experiences that can teach others.

Quoted by Avis J. Williams

Don't believe everything you are told, if it resonates within you, then listen and act.

Quoted by Avis J. Williams

Everything starts from inside of us, then comes outside of us.

Quoted by Avis J. Williams