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Fantasy Quotes

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When you enter the world of laughter, you enter the world of fantasy and creativity.

Quoted by Thomas Flindt

Nightmares are seldom a foreshadowing of real events, but always a showing of real fears.

Quoted by Criss Jami

Don't be afraid of the dark, it's a place where you can hide.

Quoted by August Verona

Using something real does not destroy the fantastical; it underlines it.

Quoted by Marcus Speh

People with vision sees opportunity where there is problem. They see money not problem.

Quoted by Patience Johnson

Rebuilding is something that is practically difficult than starting over from nothing.

Quoted by Patience Johnson

There is no gift of principles, you must apply them if you want to move forward.

Quoted by Patience Johnson

Every crisis is a wisdom crisis. If you have no peace around you then you lack wisdom.

Quoted by Patience Johnson

In politics no permanent friends, no permanent enemies but permanent interest.

Quoted by Patience Johnson

Cruelty is easy to repay, my lord. Kindness is another matter.

Quoted by Megan Bannen

He felt in his heart cruelty and cowardice, the things which made him brave and kind.

Quoted by T.H. White

Maybe one did have to be smart in order to kill.

Quoted by Markelle Grabo

That kind of imagination is why we're not dead.

Quoted by Rebecca Mckinsey

All that is required of you is an open mind and a little patience.

Quoted by F.K. Preston

I grew up a dreamer, lonely, one foot on the earth, the other on the moon.

Quoted by Philippe Lechermeier

We are all born as storytellers. Our inner voice tells the first story we ever hear.

Quoted by Kamand Kojouri

Some people spend their whole lives in a fantasy world, and that's not a good thing!

Quoted by Rebecca McNutt

Some part of me knew from the first that what I wanted was not reality but myth.

Quoted by Stephen King

Death is unstoppable. One must face it as a fact of life

Quoted by D. Aswini

I'm gonna achieve my dreams in Fantasy Writing.

Quoted by Daniel L. Lewis