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Feelings Quotes

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Something inside me stops the moment I see a mighty mountain.

Quoted by Jasleen Kaur Gumber

Peaceful feelings happen when we are close to nature and our natural state!

Quoted by Avijeet Das

I came unglued and went back together the wrong way and fell apart again.

Quoted by Andrew Smith

And I touch. Not because I want to feel, but because I'm looking to see if this is real.

Quoted by Dominic Riccitello

All the pain on the outside can not undo what is felt on the inside.

Quoted by Liz

Bad emotions can be hidden with a smile on the face

Quoted by Constance Friday

I do not have silver nor gold to give you, but i have a heart of gold to keep you.

Quoted by Fabulous Godwin

Najdragocenija emocija je kad uspete da zagrlite nekoga srcem.

Quoted by Tamara Stamenkovic

Once a thing is removed from your heart, a trace of it still remains.

Quoted by Will Advise

Let me feel The beating of your heart So that I May feel again

Quoted by Hanna Abi Akl

You can't tell a cat what his heart should feel.

Quoted by Erin Hunter

Sometimes the heart hasn't made room for two yet.

Quoted by Giovannie de Sadeleer

There's a certain charm to fragile hearts❤

Quoted by Karishma Magvani

Be kind. Only feelings of kindness can purify our ever judgemental minds.

Quoted by Debasish Mridha

Your tears for others will float you closer toward God.

Quoted by Shannon L. Alder

See life and feel its pulses with the eyes of a compassionate mother.

Quoted by Amit Ray

Weak words can never carry the weight of strong feelings.

Quoted by Terveen Gill

Today is just another day of trying to get by without you.

Quoted by Ranata Suzuki

Don't you get it? You can't tell me what to feel.

Quoted by Lauren Oliver

Greatness in the making feels just like you feel right now. Time will soon tell.

Quoted by TemitOpe Ibrahim