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Finish Quotes

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A finish line is never an end, it's a marker that proves your dreams can become realities.

Quoted by Toni Sorenson

If you can't finish you can't succeed. You have to become a finisher.

Quoted by Kyle Vidrine

You have to focus on the finish line from the starting line.

Quoted by Kyle Vidrine

[T]he race is long - to finish first, first you must finish.

Quoted by Garth Stein

Stop comparing yourself to others. You have your own race to run. Finish well.<3

Quoted by Lecrae

If you're gonna shoot an elephant Mr. Schneider, you better be prepared to finish the job.

Quoted by Gary Larson

Nice guys finish but that's what makes them good in bed.

Quoted by Nicholas M. Bugden

Nice guys finish last but that's what makes them good in bed.

Quoted by Nicholas M. Bugden

Snow While falling it hides your passage When finished it documents your path

Quoted by Richard L. Ratliff

We can _start_ making Christmas and Santa can finish up.

Quoted by Toni Buzzeo

Only death can finish the fight, everything else only interrupts the fighting.

Quoted by Andrzej Sapkowski

Every day is a new beginning to finish something.

Quoted by Apoorve Dubey

Can I finish my blasted story? We'll get to supernatural kindergarten later.

Quoted by John Corwin

You might be on the back nine of life, but it's good to finish strong.

Quoted by Morton Shaevitz

The longer I persist on my journey toward my goal, the closer I come to finish line.

Quoted by Debasish Mridha

Make only your trust in God; His author must surely finish his work. Hold on!

Quoted by oladosu feyikogbon

Stop counting pages… you will never finish the book.

Quoted by Deyth Banger

Never read a book to finish it, read to consume it.

Quoted by TemitOpe Ibrahim

You never finish writing a novel, you eventually abandon it.

Quoted by Tom Winton

There are many more books to read, when will I finish reading?

Quoted by Lailah Gifty Akita