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God S Love Quotes

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This story is not about avoiding death, but living life.

Quoted by Edie Littlefield Sundby

God's Love for you through Christ Jesus is more than a Valentine's card or gift.

Quoted by Chris Chacko

The light within us gives power for good actions.

Quoted by Lailah Gifty Akita

The faithfulness of the Lord is beyond the understanding of men.

Quoted by Lailah Gifty Akita

Love is everything we can have because God is everything we have. God is love.

Quoted by Israelmore Ayivor

I am fighting to stay alive not because I fear death, but because I love life.

Quoted by Edie Littlefield Sundby

God is willing to walk the earth again incarnate in us.

Quoted by Eugenia Price

Well and good if all things change, O Lord God, provided I am rooted in You.

Quoted by St. John of the Cross

We obey God's Law, not to be loved but because we are loved in Christ.

Quoted by Jerry Bridges

Marriage is a cooperation between two adults holding God's hands

Quoted by Farid F Ibrahim

The freedom of G-d lies in HIs infinite Nature.

Quoted by Edward Weiss

If Children are God's Gift then adopted are God's child.

Quoted by Revathi Sankaran

I am not just wondering, God is ordering my footsteps and His words are lamp to my path.

Quoted by Patience Johnson

God put Santa Claus on earth to remind us that Christmas is 'sposed to be a happy time.

Quoted by Bil Keane

Biker George says that life can be hard & it's even harder if you don't have Christ.

Quoted by Dano Janowski

Recognizing that God exists in all of us is the first step toward genuine kindness.

Quoted by Charles F. Glassman

Life is uncertain. Lord grant us gracious courage to face the uncertainty of life.

Quoted by Lailah Gifty Akita

I know I am watched over by a greater vibrational force, and for that, I am blessed!

Quoted by Debbie A. Anderson

You are the masterpiece of Love Itself framed within a body. And so you are.

Quoted by Dragos Bratasanu Ph.D.

Be in a close association with your creator, for love will do its best

Quoted by Napz Cherub Pellazo