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Gross Quotes

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You can convert your innate worth into gross net worth on the earth.

Quoted by Sunday Adelaja

If it doesn't sweat, jiggle, or pant, it's not alive.

Quoted by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor

But slight mistakes accumulate, and grow to gross errors if unchecked.

Quoted by Jacqueline Carey

This was the kack's cradle, icky-poo's bassinet. It was Death and Diarrhea, singing duet.

Quoted by Jack Bunbury

I like gross generalizations...I also like disgusting specifics!

Quoted by Josh Stern

We have always had gross humor. But we try for funny, not gross.

Quoted by Shawn Wayans

Tis a gross error, held in schools, That Fortune always favours fools.

Quoted by John Gay

I am, he thought dimly, watching a vampire take a piss.

Quoted by Stephen King

The mass gross absence of sound in space is more than just silence.

Quoted by Eugene Cernan