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Grounded Quotes

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Well, there would be no sound if we shout on the background.

Quoted by Ana Claudia Antunes

Keep your body grounded on earth, but keep your consciousness high above the clouds

Quoted by Tyler Hebert

The thing that keeps you grounded is doing the thing you love.

Quoted by Tom Hiddleston

We're the perfect complement to each other. I help him stay grounded and he helps me fly.

Quoted by K. Webster

Love is my sin, and thy dear virtue hate, Hate of my sin, grounded on sinful loving,

Quoted by William Shakespeare

True patience is grounded in wisdom & compassion.

Quoted by Allan Lokos

We can learn a lot from trees: they're always grounded but never stop reaching heavenward.

Quoted by Everett Mamor

Strong relationships are not rocked by a truth that is grounded by resolute monogamy.

Quoted by J.R. Ward

Yoga has reinforced and grounded my own spiritual beliefs.

Quoted by Christy Turlington

Non-attachment grounded in faith allows good to return to you.

Quoted by Julieanne O'Connor

Real Love may run on a lower voltage, but it's also more grounded & sustainable.

Quoted by Sharon Salzberg

Keeping grounded and keeping focused and keeping calm and thankful, that comes from God.

Quoted by Lenny Kravitz

Family reunion quilted with love grounded by memories.

Quoted by Thompson

Nothing profits more than self-esteem, grounded on what is just and right

Quoted by John Milton