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Humble Quotes

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The hard part about one being tough yet meek is the illusion of being a punching bag.

Quoted by Criss Jami

A house is never small or empty, when filled with love.

Quoted by Anthony Liccione

While the mind seeks praise, the heart disguises its intelligence.

Quoted by Freequill

Don't suffocate your spirit for the lessons that were only passing through spring.

Quoted by Nikki Rowe

Lord grant me a humble spirit and a willing heart.

Quoted by Lailah Gifty Akita

It's humbling to think how different you would be if you were born in a different time.

Quoted by Freequill

Nothing is more humble than a heart with a home.

Quoted by Anthony T. Hincks

With Cosmic Ordering you will never eat humble pie again.

Quoted by Stephen Richards

You can be better or even the best and still not be good.

Quoted by Mokokoma Mokhonoana

Wisdom makes you humble; knowledge enhances your ego.

Quoted by Debasish Mridha

Women are more humble and more adaptable. This makes them wiser.

Quoted by Debasish Mridha

People become concerned with being more humble than other people.

Quoted by Alan Watts

We must be courageous yet humble and do what is right not what will make you popular,

Quoted by Debasish Mridha

I marvel at how out of place simple, humble Jesus would be in today's American churches.

Quoted by Jen Hatmaker

Real love is a humble receptivity of a silent heart that is prepared to melt and merge…

Quoted by Banani Ray

Do not go by my humble beginnings. Be wary of my enormous vision.

Quoted by Manoj Arora

If you want to receive a promotion from God in spiritual things, then become more humble

Quoted by Sunday Adelaja

Mere talents does not give glory to God but a humble heart.

Quoted by Mac Canoza

Bold courage is paralyzing fear after humble prayer.

Quoted by Kenneth E. Nowell

An arrogant man needs to humble himself as a boy, to be a gentleman.

Quoted by Anthony Liccione