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Impossible Quotes

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When God gives you a dream, He will grant you the grace to fulfil it.

Quoted by Lailah Gifty Akita

Too often it's about what stands before us, not what stands within us.

Quoted by Craig D. Lounsbrough

It is impossible to trip and fall while walking slowly.

Quoted by Mokokoma Mokhonoana

Love is a Strong Addiction that makes it Impossible to ignore those involved

Quoted by Samuel AsumaduSarkodie

It is impossible for that man to despair who remembers that his Helper is omnipotent.

Quoted by Jeremy Taylor

Today what was impossible is made possible and the rest is history

Quoted by Sunday Adelaja

In order to isolate what was possible, you had to eliminate everything that was impossible

Quoted by Jo Nesb

Greatness does not come from trying to achieve the possible.

Quoted by Constance Friday

When we reside in Gratitude, it is impossible to simultaneously feel like a victim.

Quoted by Dr. Theresa Nicassio

When we reside in Gratitude, it's impossible to simultaneously feel like a victim.

Quoted by Dr. Theresa Nicassio

Equality in happiness is, in the first place, impossible.

Quoted by Wataru Watari

It's when you're in love, that nothing seems impossible anymore.

Quoted by Anthony T.Hincks

It's impossible to be unhappy while wearing a poncho!

Quoted by Noel Fielding

The mode by which the impossible is reached is Cosmic Ordering.

Quoted by Stephen Richards

There is a thin line between the impossible and the possible - that is determination.

Quoted by Ogwo David Emenike

The difference between impossible and possible is a willing heart.

Quoted by Lolly Daskal

Creativity is impossible unless existing rules are broken. Let's break some.

Quoted by Ted Agon

Once you connect with yourself, it is impossible to be lonely or desperate.

Quoted by Bryant McGill

I do not have results ... I have an impossible task !!

Quoted by Hesham Nebr

It is impossible to be truly artistic without the risk of offending someone somewhere.

Quoted by Wayne Gerard Trotman