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International Quotes

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I never violate my oaths or my codes... Only international laws.

Quoted by Sherrilyn Kenyon

I am far more fearful of the police than I am of North Korea.

Quoted by Steven Magee

There is a music of the universes in every heart.

Quoted by Amit Ray

Your VISION and your self-willingness is the MOST powerful elements to conquer your goal

Quoted by Rashedur Ryan Rahman

Balance life's stressors with life's pleasures.

Quoted by Norene Moskalski

Video just accesses international information so much more readily.

Quoted by Ann Macbeth

The ideology of superiority can result in national and international tragedies

Quoted by Sunday Adelaja

In international commerce, India is an ancient country-(19th October, 1899)

Quoted by Virchand Raghavji Gandhi

You will not kill my girlfriend today, International Terrorists of Ambiguous Nationality!

Quoted by John Green

If there were an international butt competition, Eric would win, hands down-or cheeks up.

Quoted by Charlaine Harris

We may fight for the cause of international peace because we are very fond of fighting.

Quoted by G.K. Chesterton

We are all bits and pieces of history and literature and international law.

Quoted by Ray Bradbury