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To teach our kids what they need to know online, we have to talk to them off line.

Quoted by Galit Breen

Checking in on what our kids are doing online isn't 'helicoptering,' it's 'parenting.

Quoted by Galit Breen

Checking in on what our kids are doing online isn't helicoptering, it's parenting.

Quoted by Galit Breen

You can't judge your parenting by the choices of your kids.

Quoted by Todd Stocker

Sometimes, kids want you to hurt the way they hurt.

Quoted by Mitch Albom

Every child gets a good mother, but not every mother gets a good child.

Quoted by Amit Kalantri

Most adults are knowledgeable to a child, but ignorant for their age.

Quoted by Mokokoma Mokhonoana

Being a bad parent is a sign of not having learned from experience.

Quoted by Mokokoma Mokhonoana

I have all these great genes, but they're recessive. That's the problem here.

Quoted by Bill Watterson

What were we, but kids with apartments and jobs anyway?

Quoted by Brian Joyce

We use Halloween to scare the kids and bankers to scare the adults.

Quoted by Anthony T Hincks

We live in a society where we wake up our kids for schools but not for Fajr.

Quoted by Nouman Ali Khan

At a certain point, your life is more about your legacy to your kids than anything else.

Quoted by Mitch Albom

We were alone and starved for love. Kids that lived in a world full of hate.

Quoted by Masashi Kishimoto

There's really nothing sadder than goth kids in a warm-weather climate.

Quoted by David Crabb

Happiness is when you realize that your kids have grown up to be AWESOME people!

Quoted by Tanya Masse

Little cats mean little kids, little kids mean little cats!

Quoted by Mehmet Murat ildan

Georgie, stop trying to resurrect the shoes. They were never alive in the first place.

Quoted by Ilona Andrews

Kids. You gotta love them. I adore children. A little salt, a squeeze of lemon--perfect.

Quoted by Jim Butcher

And on some level it walways felt like kids paying at being grown

Quoted by John Green