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Kitchen Quotes

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Using someone else's kitchen feels a little like reading their diary. I'm so anxious.

Quoted by Yuhta Nishio

In some cases, it is the woman's stomach-not her heart-that has left her man for another.

Quoted by Mokokoma Mokhonoana

We love our mother because she cares and also because she cooks.

Quoted by Amit Kalantri

The kitchen garden satisfies both requirements, a thing 0f beauty and a joy for dinner.

Quoted by Peter Mayle

No woman gets an orgasm from shining the kitchen floor.

Quoted by Betty Friedan

We need more men to sit at the table... at the kitchen table.

Quoted by Sheryl Sandberg

Elvis is in the kitchen and he's making eggs Benedict!

Quoted by Kathy Bryson

May your wedding night be like a kitchen table, all legs and no drawers.

Quoted by Melinda Heald

Good food and a warm kitchen are what make a house a home.


Kinko's is the soup kitchen for the technologically disadvantaged.

Quoted by Paul Orfalea

The heart of the home beats in the kitchen and a healthy one beats three times a day

Quoted by Bangambiki Habyarimana

Too lazy to peel fresh? You don't deserve to eat garlic.

Quoted by Anthony Bourdain

God blesses this kitchen but He doesn't clean it….!!

Quoted by Anonymous

I only have a kitchen because it came with the house.

Quoted by Anonymous

I hate when I go to the kitchen for food and all I find are ingredients.

Quoted by Anonymous

It does not matter how expensive your kitchen is if you are a bad cook.

Quoted by Loesje

The kitchen oven is reliable, but it's made us lazy.

Quoted by Jamie Oliver

Kitchens should be designed around what's truly important-fun, food, and life.

Quoted by Daniel Boulud

If your kitchen smells good, your food lost something.

Quoted by Nathan Myhrvold

The more you know, the more you can create. There's no end to imagination in the kitchen.

Quoted by Julia Child