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The most dishonest group of people that I have met in life are working in law enforcement.

Quoted by Steven Magee

Mindfulness has never met a cognition it didn't like.

Quoted by Daniel J. Siegel

When I first met you, I honestly didn't know you were gonna be this important to me

Quoted by Swapna Rajput

A brave girl! And a unique one. The best that I have ever met in my life.

Quoted by Olga Goa

I met you and i knew, chaos would meet in the calm and we'd connect there too.

Quoted by Nikki Rowe

We have met and hated, fought and died before - you and I.

Quoted by Andre Norton

I met her on a dating app she had to be the one or something like it.

Quoted by Ben Ditmars

Anybody who predicts the death of cities has already met his spouse.

Quoted by Clay Shirky

Once you have met someone, you never really forget them.

Quoted by Hayao Miyazaki

Even though I have not yet met you, you are part of me and I am part of you.

Quoted by Debasish Mridha

(...), waar de weelde zich met welbehagen in het ordelijke spiegelt (...)

Quoted by Baudelaire

Hij bleef zoals hij is, zwart en stil en besprenkeld met sterren.

Quoted by Monika Feth

My grandmother was the only grandmother I ever met who smoked cigars.

Quoted by Roald Dahl

After the first couple weeks, when all your sex toys had met all my sex toys, ...

Quoted by Giselle Renarde

A problem with global reasons cannot effectively be met with local measures.

Quoted by Carl Grip

You could not fence with an antagonist who met rapier thrust with blow of battle axe.

Quoted by L.M. Montgomery

Move over, Emma Woodhouse. You have met your match.

Quoted by Diane Moody

Even in this game, which was my last ray of hope. I met defeat.

Quoted by Shinobu Kaitani &&& &

We shared the same madness, we just met at the wrong time.

Quoted by Nikki Rowe

As far as I know, I'm the most honest person I've met in this life.

Quoted by Pat R