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Don't get inspired by others, inspire yourself.

Quoted by Alperen Glveren

The happiness of love is in action; its test is what one is willing to do for others.

Quoted by Lew Wallace

The goodness you receive from God is a treasure for you to share with others.

Quoted by Elizabeth George

Shape your behavior and think about on how to make a good impression to others.

Quoted by Napz Cherub Pellazo

If you see it's impossible, you may use others' eyes.

Quoted by Toba Beta

Obedience to God will bring blessings to you and others.

Quoted by Jim George

Always think at least two steps ahead [in everything, with everyone].

Quoted by A.J. Darkholme

Until you walk a mile in another man's moccasins you can't imagine the smell.

Quoted by Robert Byrne

I am just an strong example of tragedy in eyes of others.

Quoted by Deyth Banger

Silaha kuu ya uchoyo ni kujitolea kwa ajili ya watu wengine. Ni upendo.

Quoted by Enock Maregesi

You not only are hunted by others, you unknowingly hunt yourself.

Quoted by Dejan Stojanovic

One hand I extend into myself, the other toward others.

Quoted by Dejan Stojanovic

The things I will do for others, others will never do for me

Quoted by Charmaine J.Forde

They ask if you believe in fate; you ask if they look twice before they cross the road

Quoted by Amira Compton

You need to find your gift, something that differs you from others

Quoted by Sunday Adelaja

You can keep going on much less attention than you crave.

Quoted by Idries Shah

We can have anything we want on life, if we just help others to found what they need

Quoted by Ebelsain Villegas

To create happiness for oneself and others is the whole philosophy of religion.

Quoted by Hazrat Inayat Khan

The lion does not need the whole world to fear him, only those nearest where he roams.

Quoted by A.J. Darkholme

Real women fight for something, other than their own emotions.

Quoted by Shannon L. Alder