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Partner Quotes

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In some cases, it is the woman's stomach-not her heart-that has left her man for another.

Quoted by Mokokoma Mokhonoana

How is it that there was never you until there was and then all was you?

Quoted by Kamand Kojouri

This target woman is a woman who will put the needs of her partner before her own.

Quoted by Don Hennessy

If your partner isn't bringing out the best in you, you're in the wrong relationship.

Quoted by Robert Tew

I'll forget me. You forget you. We can be one together, happily.

Quoted by Kamand Kojouri

I fell in love and then I became love.

Quoted by Kamand Kojouri

Try to respond to your partner instead of reacting.

Quoted by Abhijit Naskar

The pursuit of a dream partner can lead to a nightmare relationship.

Quoted by Khang Kijarro Nguyen

No young woman of good breeding should show exclusive partiality to one partner all night.

Quoted by Jude Morgan

Many are busy looking for a life partner and they lose touch of their life's purpose.

Quoted by Ifeanyi Enoch Onuoha

She that in life and love refuses me, In death and shame my partner she shall be.

Quoted by Thomas Middleton

Your life partner is precious than any other gifts in the world.

Quoted by Gautama Sakthivel

The virtues of your partner completes the goodness in you.

Quoted by Christian Hunt

The smaller we feel in the world, the more we need to shine in the eyes of our partner.

Quoted by Esther Perel

Prosperity begins with a great partner experience

Quoted by Paul Bradley Smith

The goal of an ideal partner isn't to complete you. It's to augment you.

Quoted by unknown

The perfect partner is an imposter for the perfect partnership.

Quoted by Khang Kijarro Nguyen

Sometimes, It's awesome to be childish with your partner .Otherwise you are missing out.

Quoted by Dinakar Reddy

Nothing spices up one's sex life like having a partner.

Quoted by Jacob M. Appel

•The abusive partner continually denies any responsibility for problems.

Quoted by Beverly Engel