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Do kisses fade like Polaroid pictures if you don't pay attention to them?

Quoted by Ali Harris

Our eyes captures thousands of beautiful pictures everyday.

Quoted by Pradeepa Pandiyan

Do not take pictures to please the public, the photo should be spontaneous and free

Quoted by Betty Poluk

A painting shouldn't be just a picture, it should be a philosophy.

Quoted by Amit Kalantri

A photograph shouldn't be just a picture, it should be a philosophy.

Quoted by Amit Kalantri

If a picture paints a thousand words, then a let a picture inspire a thousand words.

Quoted by Nicholas Boyd Crutchley

And pictures of perfection, as you know, make me sick and wicked.

Quoted by Jane Austen

Photoghraphic projects can be as short as an afternoon or as long as a lifetime.

Quoted by George Barr

When you take pictures of nature with passion, nature poses for you more passionately!

Quoted by Mehmet Murat ildan

Photos are our autobiography, a way of telling who we are.

Quoted by Jan Phillips

Painting a picture is like trying to fight a battle.

Quoted by Winston Churchill

Each photograph is a story captured in a single moment

Quoted by M.Lopez

A photograph can be an instant of life that will never cease looking back at you.

Quoted by Brigitte Bardot

Pictures are so good at giving people information that they're not looking for.

Quoted by Tibor Kalman

To make pictures big is to make them more powerful.

Quoted by Robert Mapplethorpe

There are only two styles of portrait painting; the serious and the smirk.

Quoted by Charles Dickens

The best portraits are those in which there is a slight mixture of caricature.

Quoted by Thomas Babington Macaulay

That's the thing about pictures: they seduce you.

Quoted by David Byrne

If your pictures aren't good enough, you aren't close enough.

Quoted by Robert Capa

Photographs that transcend but do not deny their literal situation appeal to me.

Quoted by Sam Abell