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Politicians Quotes

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Political corruption works by having an equally corrupt legal system to protect it.

Quoted by Steven Magee

There is more for us to gain through love than hate.

Quoted by Suzy Kassem

Kujenga urafiki na wanasiasa wakati mwingine ni kitu kizuri. Wanasaidia kurahisisha mambo.

Quoted by Enock Maregesi

Politicians are people who learn not to blink, when they lie.

Quoted by Robert Black

Their [politicians] fiction mechanisms are immune to trauma.

Quoted by Dario Fo

The day terrorists realize there acts unite us, they might switch places with Politicians.

Quoted by Ketan Waghmare

Indigence is one of those states, politicians less likely wish to manage.

Quoted by Ymatruz

Politicians are interested in the health of the people like predators savor live prey.

Quoted by A.E. Samaan

Electorates tend to get the politicians they deserve.

Quoted by Paul Collier

Only priests and politicians benefit from a people's ignorance.

Quoted by Ki Longfellow

Political issues are too serious to be left only to politicians.

Quoted by Slavoj &i&ek

Having two non-functional parties is not a democracy, it's a losing coin flip.

Quoted by Russ Lippitt

It is hard to hear the truth from people who get paid to distort it.

Quoted by Sean S Kamali

A Dirty Clown Is a Ridiculously Clean when standing amongst Politicians.

Quoted by David Corralez

Politicians are a breed of the human race who believe they know everything

Quoted by Bangambiki Habyarimana

Live as if you were a country and other people as other nations. Then learn politics

Quoted by Bangambiki Habyarimana

A politician will promise the moon but deliver an ant hill

Quoted by Bangambiki Habyarimana

Mix carefully truth and deceit, you have politics

Quoted by Bangambiki Habyarimana

While keeping an open mind, beware, politicians will gladly fill it with garbage.

Quoted by Ron Akers

I don't talk to politicians about God or clergy about investments.

Quoted by Carlos Wallace