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Thinking that I'm a mistake is the real mistake.

Quoted by Craig D. Lounsbrough

Words and images are not real life. Only nature is real, only nature is what is.

Quoted by Marty Rubin

Nightmares are seldom a foreshadowing of real events, but always a showing of real fears.

Quoted by Criss Jami

Don't be about just any life. Be about the life you want to be about.

Quoted by Elias Williams

Sometimes strange fiction, becomes grim reality.

Quoted by Wayne Gerard Trotman

We dream and fight with demons real and imagined.

Quoted by Dejan Stojanovic

Ammu's tears made everything that had so far seemed unreal, real.

Quoted by Arundhati Roy

What you call life is but a dream, and reality is relative.

Quoted by Wayne Gerard Trotman

Don Quixote is not an imaginary person; he is as real as Alexander the Great.

Quoted by Dejan Stojanovic

Acting is illusion, as much illusion as magic is, and not so much a matter of being real.

Quoted by Laurence Olivier

There is no need to put your heart in a bottle, then you will die. - Ty from Stolen

Quoted by Lucy Christopher

Sometimes I wanted to peel away all of my skin and find a different me underneath.

Quoted by Francesca Lia Block

If you have a strong stomach read on.

Quoted by Amanda Leigh

If prophets are real, they are not leaders but followers.

Quoted by M.F. Moonzajer

One absolutely sure way to be fearless is to speak the truth at all time about everything.

Quoted by Amit Kalantri

If we choose to behave differently, we are considered 'Mad' or 'immature

Quoted by Anamika Mishra

Have you noticed that only in time of illness or disaster or death are people real?

Quoted by Walker Percy

I am full of mistakes and imperfections and therefore I am real ...

Quoted by Shaun Hick

Art exists because reality is neither real nor significant.

Quoted by J.G. Ballard

Even if the climate change is not real, its funds are real.

Quoted by M.F. Moonzajer