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Recognizing Quotes

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Stop worshiping the bad in boys and start recognizing the good in men

Quoted by Kerry E. Wagner

And I know, too, that recognizing one's mistakes does not erase them.

Quoted by Susie Morgenstern

The first step in solving a problem is recognizing there is one

Quoted by Will Mcavoy

True joy comes from operating with Inner-directedness and recognizing who you are.

Quoted by Sanaya Roman

It's not the win that matters so much as recognizing and respecting its value.

Quoted by Lorii Myers

There is a rose in every heart. Enlightenment is recognizing that rose.

Quoted by Amit Ray

The easiest way to combat greed is by recognizing the value of contentment and simplicity.

Quoted by Donald L. Hicks

There is no stigma attached to recognizing a bad decision in time to install a better one.

Quoted by Laurence J. Peter

Humility is recognizing we can't give anything to God that He hasn't already given to us.

Quoted by Benjamin Lotter

Victory is about recognizing all the work that went into achieving your dream.

Quoted by Tommy Hilfiger

Without stories, we'd have even more trouble recognizing what's real.

Quoted by Amy Neftzger

Stereotypes work to help divide women from recognizing their common interests.

Quoted by Melissa HarrisPerry

Nonviolence is essentially based on recognizing the humanity in every one one of us.

Quoted by Grace Lee Boggs