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Dignity is an inherent value and human virtue which represents the best of mankind.

Quoted by Susan C. Young

Our finger print represents our unique identity and individuality.

Quoted by Lailah Gifty Akita

Laugh represents a fragile glory of the mankind in this cruel and uncertain universe!

Quoted by Mehmet Murat ildan

Change represents the real spirit of democracy and the real America.

Quoted by Bryant McGill

Our first memory represents our initial state of consciousness.

Quoted by Kilroy J. Oldster

The government of any nation always represents the most corrupt part of a nation

Quoted by Sunday Adelaja

The prophetic gift represents the Father's will and lays out the pattern.

Quoted by Sherry K. White

Social entrepreneurship represents the opportunity to redefine the role of government.

Quoted by Robert Hacker

Continuous denial of rational arguments represents a contempt of common sense.

Quoted by Eraldo Banovac

Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive.

Quoted by Anais Nin

A football team represents a way of being, a culture.

Quoted by Michel Patini

A Goddess Adventure represents a combination of heart, head, and soul work

Quoted by Paula Weisflock

One person caring about another represents life's greatest value.

Quoted by Jim Rohn

I've learned that sometimes a smile represents the greatest form of deceit.

Quoted by Michael Gilbert

A woman is human, obviously, but she represents a slightly different kind of humanity.

Quoted by Michel Houellebecq

The poet is the sayer, the namer, and represents beauty.

Quoted by Ralph Waldo Emerson

Your craft is comprehensive if it represents you.

Quoted by Unarine Ramaru

Ethical veganism represents a commitment to nonviolence.

Quoted by Gary L. Francione

Nothing represents the idea of convivial sharing so clearly as wine.

Quoted by Paul Lukacks

All the doors you ignored or refused to enter represents your uncreated fates!

Quoted by Mehmet Murat ildan