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Rights Quotes

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The police do a great job of shafting the general public.

Quoted by Steven Magee

It is not so much freedom of speech but the right to truth that great men protect.

Quoted by Criss Jami

We are equal by fault, but never equal in acceptance.

Quoted by Anthony Liccione

Ladies, the only thing that gives a man the right to touch you is your permission.

Quoted by Carlos Wallace

Peace of mind comes when we exercise our right to be honest, especially with ourselves.

Quoted by Jack R. Rose

Respect for the rights of others is a lofty principle; but envy is a primal urge (p114)

Quoted by Madeleine K. Albright

…marriage, they say, halves one's rights and doubles one's duties.

Quoted by Louisa May Alcott

RIGHT TO SPEECH is subjugate to the DUTY TO LISTEN

Quoted by Vineet Raj Kapoor

Americans care more about the rights of animals than about what happens to us!

Quoted by Joe Sacco

There are no rogue ships; there are only rogue shipowners.

Quoted by Barista Uno

We all came in on different ships, but we're all in the same boat now

Quoted by Martin Luther King Jr.

Life is the great civil rights issue of our day

Quoted by Jack Cashill

Freedom... Freedom does not exist with personal responsibility!

Quoted by Joseph P. Sekula

The stamp of the Saint is that he can waive his own rights and obey the Lord Jesus.

Quoted by C.S. Lewis

True unalienable rights do not require one to trample other unalienable rights.

Quoted by J.S.B. Morse

Nine women possess the same rights as a man... to learning and knowledge.

Quoted by Kathleen Krull quote by Eliza Orzeskowa

Gentlemen respect the rights of others. They are honorable men.

Quoted by Ellen J. Barrier

Respect for Human rights preserves us as A nation.

Quoted by Auliq Ice

We live in an age when it is cheaper to buy the rights to movies than to make them.

Quoted by Hayao Miyazaki

Nonviolence simply cannot defend property rights over human rights.

Quoted by David T. Dellinger