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Soulmates Quotes

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With that, I took a deep breath and leapt; spreading my arms, pretending I could fly . . .

Quoted by Chelsie Shakespeare

Having perfected our disguise, we spend our lives searching for someone we don't fool.

Quoted by Robert Brault

Marika was a huge book nerd, a sucker for YA, and had a TBR pile taller than her.

Quoted by Mirella Muffarotto

What do you think of all this, darlin'? Will you be my soul mate?

Quoted by Ann Macela Do you believe in magic

I am a Soul sharing the Purity and Gift of my Soul - with the Souls of Others.

Quoted by Eleesha

From the moment I saw you, I wanted you in my dreams

Quoted by john j geddes

Like a white knight in a station wagon, he drove out of her life.

Quoted by Andrea Hurst

It doesn't matter how old you are, when you find your forever you just know.

Quoted by Kate Benson

But i do believe in souls being in sync, souls that mirror each other.

Quoted by Richelle Mead

The universe doesn't hand out blank cards to play. You will know your hand soon enough.

Quoted by Shelly Crane

I loved you instantly, because angels can love instantly.

Quoted by Dianna Hardy

The love I have for you far exceeds all love I have given

Quoted by Christina Oldenburg

I wrapped my arms around him like I was saving an oak tree.

Quoted by C.J. English

Standing each by his monster, they looked at each other, and smiled

Quoted by E. M. Forster

Love is beautiful, shattering, moving, haunting. Love is everything.

Quoted by Claire Contreras

Le anime gemelle hanno un'abilità particolare nel ritrovarsi.

Quoted by Cecilia Ahern

Sometimes there's someone who makes you feel so at home that you flourish.

Quoted by Marnie Woodrow

If we aren't willing to change, we aren't willing to unconditionally love.

Quoted by Alaric Hutchinson

Loving you feels like my commitment to eternity a long time ago

Quoted by Nicola An

A person feels lost without you, is your Soulmate.

Quoted by Swapna Rajput