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If you end up with the story you started with, you weren't listening along the way.

Quoted by Matt Heineman

Every goal first started as something in our mind. You have it all within you!

Quoted by Deborah Day

I wanted to become courageous so I started to accept everything with kindness.

Quoted by Debasish Mridha

For a true visionary, today started yesterday.

Quoted by Craig D. Lounsbrough

She was the reason I started to write but her beauty is kept me writing.

Quoted by Brandon Villasenor

Don't you have dragons to fight so that you started saving girls who don't need it?

Quoted by Simona Panova

I suppose I'll say it all started with a love letter

Quoted by Jenny Han

Declare your life an emergency... then get started and keep pushin!

Quoted by Sheila TillerTooks

Tonight started innocently enough. Most terrible things do, right?

Quoted by Suzanne Hayes

You said we can't happen, but darling, we started happening the very first day we met.

Quoted by J.A. ANUM

Did I read because I was lonely, or was I lonely because I started to read?

Quoted by Grace Metalious

The Homunculi may have started the war, but we were the ones who carried it out.

Quoted by Hiromu Arakawa

Not every story started off big enough to notice.

Quoted by Tom Clancy

The way to get started is to take the first step with dream-powered optimism.

Quoted by Debasish Mridha

It was never a good thing when a bad guy started quoting Nietzsche.

Quoted by Robert Kroese

The day I started fearing regret is the day I decided to never stop.

Quoted by Matthew Donnelly

All the best things in my life have started with a Dolly Parton song.

Quoted by Julie Murphy

To think, Global Warming started with a single blanket.

Quoted by Anthony T.Hincks

I once started out to walk around the world but ended up in Brooklyn.

Quoted by Lawrence Ferlinghetti

She hadn't just drunk the Salvation Kool-Aid - she'd started to brew her own.

Quoted by Avery Flynn