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If you want to improve your self-worth, stop giving other people the calculator.

Quoted by Tim Fargo

Stop groveling, stop whining and start working!

Quoted by Abhijit Naskar

We don't stop hiking because we grow old - we grow old because we stop hiking

Quoted by Finis Mitchell

Nobody can stop natural disaster, we are the cause and we are the remedy.

Quoted by Santosh Kalwar

When a man is at peace he is a man, when angry he is an animal.

Quoted by Amit Kalantri

If you are resolute to go, I will not stop you. But I hope I'm making the right decision.

Quoted by Mario Stinger

The death of a dream is the day that you stop believing in the work it takes to get there.

Quoted by Chris Burkmenn

Only by facing your demons can you stop them from having power over you.

Quoted by Auliq Ice

To be fully alive, you must never stop dreaming.

Quoted by Lailah Gifty Akita

I realized I had to stop chasing after something I could not do alone.

Quoted by Charlena Jackson

A small temptation can stop a great glory and turn great joy into a great sorrow

Quoted by Ernest Agyemang Yeboah

If the heart could think it would stop beating.

Quoted by Fernando Pessoa

My heart will never stop beating so that our love is never separated.

Quoted by Anthony T. Hincks.

The heart apparently doesn't stop that easily.

Quoted by Haruki Murakami

A heart can stop beating for a while, one can still live.

Quoted by Suzanne Finnamore

When you stop living for luxuries you understand the real meaning of life.

Quoted by Edhi Sahab

Only the strong can stop a fight with kindness

Quoted by Manuel Corazzari

You can't argue with Results, stop talking and Prove with Results

Quoted by Samuel AsumaduSarkodie

Life is about moving, it's about change. And when things stop doing that they're dead.

Quoted by Twyla Tharp

Just because we failed once doesn't mean we should stop trying

Quoted by Veronica Rossi