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Stupid Quotes

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Ukitaka kufanikiwa katika maisha yako kuwa tayari kuitwa mjinga au mpumbavu.

Quoted by Enock Maregesi

Love makes us do some pretty strange and stupid things at times.

Quoted by Anthony T.Hincks

Being a fool is a billion times better than being blinded by the illusion of intellect.

Quoted by Abhijit Naskar

The power of the mind is only matched by the stupidity of the user.

Quoted by Anthony T.Hincks

True ideas seem to suffer from repetition, while stupid ones tend to flourish.

Quoted by James Rozoff

Being rich or famous is the only profound thing that some people have ever said.

Quoted by Mokokoma Mokhonoana

Don't name our stupidity, ignorance, stupid rules and lack of skills DESTINY!

Quoted by Maliheh Sadat Razavi

Where religion clashes with science is that religion makes smart people do stupid things.

Quoted by P.Z. Myers

Don't allow life to pass you by because you are afraid of [looking] stupid.

Quoted by Richie Norton

We have all had stupid youths,' said Mathilde. 'I find them delicious.

Quoted by Lauren Groff

He was one of the most supremely stupid men I have ever met. He taught me a great deal.

Quoted by John Fowles

We are all stupid assholes; leaving alone and complaining forever.

Quoted by M.F. Moonzajer

Aw, Poke, you poor, kind, decent, stupid girl. You saved me and I let you down.

Quoted by Orson Scott Card

He liked fishing and seemed to take pride in being able to like such a stupid occupation.

Quoted by Leo Tolstoy

But the dull and stupid masses will continue in their sluggish bustle.

Quoted by Jehan Sylvius

Governments can do both great and stupid things.

Quoted by Katherine Rundell

Government! Three fourths parasitic and the other fourth Stupid fumbling.

Quoted by Robert A. Heinlein

Don't allow life to pass you by because you are afraid of [looking] stupid.

Quoted by Richie Norton

Sierra, it's Christmastime. Put a stupid mistletoe over his head and kiss him already!

Quoted by Jay Asher

Don't feel stupid if you don't like what everyone else pretends to love.

Quoted by Emma Watson