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Tolerance Quotes

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Everyone is born with a different mind and the same heart.

Quoted by Raheel Farooq

Respect everyone who crosses your path, even if you feel they don't deserve it.

Quoted by Alaric Hutchinson

Certainty about the next life is simply incompatible with tolerance in this one.

Quoted by Sam Harris

What if acceptance and compassion were our daily practice and religion?

Quoted by Jeffrey A. White

Tolerance is the price we pay for living in a free, pluralistic society.

Quoted by Robert Casey

All I require of a religion is that it be tolerant of those who do not agree with it.

Quoted by Roger Ebert

~ Tolerance increases hope between people and their voice of conscience.

Quoted by Vasilios Karpos

More dangerous than bayonets and cannon are the weapons of the mind.

Quoted by Ludwig Von Mises

I've matured. I have a much higher tolerance for boredom.

Quoted by Tom Perrotta

For peace, let us teach the humanity, tolerance and nonviolence.

Quoted by Debasish Mridha

I have zero tolerance for people with zero tolerance.

Quoted by Tim Heaton

Tolerance is certainly an improvement over hate, but it is not the same thing as freedom.

Quoted by Janet R. Jakobsen and Ann Pellegrini

A roof of harmony can only be built on top of pillars of tolerance.

Quoted by Shilpa Menon

Toleration is good for all or it is good for none.

Quoted by Daniel Stashower

If differences can be hidden, perhaps there aren't differences at all

Quoted by Mohsin Hamid

No one has the right to force his or her way of life on anyone else.

Quoted by Frank Sonnenberg

We can't expect others to abandon their values any more than we would forsake our own.

Quoted by Frank Sonnenberg

Readers will be swept up by the drama and fast pace of this powerful debut novel.

Quoted by Reading Today Online International Reading Association

Weeds are stubborn. Weeds are independent. Weeds aren't tolerated.

Quoted by Marty Rubin

Tolerance is a poor substitute for hospitality.

Quoted by Jamie ArpinRicci