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There is an absolute power that truly empowers without corrupting

Quoted by Constance Friday

I suppose life is what you believe it to be. Perhaps believing in life is its true nature.

Quoted by RW Erskine

One absolutely sure way to be fearless is to speak the truth at all time about everything.

Quoted by Amit Kalantri

The truth which has been spoken too late is more damaging than a lie.

Quoted by Amit Kalantri

The realest of cats love with all of their being...

Quoted by Will Advise

I don't mind what you call yourself, so long as your heart is being true to you.

Quoted by Jay Woodman

Afterall a concerned sincere heart & clear conscience is what matters & nothing else...

Quoted by Aanu

What is the one message that only you can give? It's your story.

Quoted by J.R. Rim

Ignorance and power, they´re a poor combination.

Quoted by Laini Taylor

Don't tell a lie to be loved, speak the truth to be hated.

Quoted by Michael Bassey Johnson

What will I be doing in twenty years' time? I'll be dead, darling! Are you crazy?

Quoted by Freddie Mercury

The moment to make your dreams come true is day before tomorrow, same time, called NOW.

Quoted by Vikrmn

Greatness can be contagious, but first there must be contact.

Quoted by TemitOpe Ibrahim

Only God gives a man true friends, He is the one who binds the heart of men together.

Quoted by Paul Bamikole

The most beautiful is to see the joy in your eyes.

Quoted by Gregor Golob

Promised yourself never to keep quiet on the truth. Speak it out and let the lie die

Quoted by Israelmore Ayivor

Hiding the truth is as evil as feeding the lie grow tough muscles.

Quoted by Israelmore Ayivor

It is not our right to punish one for thinking as he does, no matter how much we disagree.

Quoted by Oliver Bowden

Love will turn the whole world into something greater than itself.

Quoted by Lauren Oliver

Love changes what is probable and makes unlikely things possible.

Quoted by Ally Condie