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Truelove Quotes

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Even in the broken state, my mind find ways to connect with you.

Quoted by Findinglostsouls

There were plenty of fishes in the pond, yet i fell in love with a crocodile.

Quoted by Findinglostsouls

He was her reason for existence, She was his ultimate risk.

Quoted by Findinglostsouls

My mind gets stronger everyday, my heart gets weaker with time.

Quoted by Anjum Choudhary

Everything is a part of destiny's plan and I believe true love awaits its destiny.

Quoted by Sara Naveed

If it doesn't hurt then it's not love'' -Swapna Rajput

Quoted by Swapna Rajput

I have loved this world in ways it could never love me back.

Quoted by Anjum Choudhary

You deserve the love your soul craves for. Don't settle.

Quoted by J.A. ANUM