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Vampire Quotes

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Note even Moroi give licenses to infants, Sage,

Quoted by Richelle Mead

I guess you could say I'm allergic to sunlight. If I'm exposed to it, it could kill me.

Quoted by Lee Thompson

Nothing good happens after dark... -Daire in Betrayed

Quoted by Lauree Waldrop

When he whispered my name, that's when I knew- this was how death felt.

Quoted by Ashley Madau

I didn't see what was in front of me until I thought it might be taken away. - Sam

Quoted by Charlaine Harris

Is this bitch crazy? I don't want to 'accidentally' drown

Quoted by J.L. McCoy

You know...acting like a dick...won't make yours any bigger.

Quoted by J.L. McCoy

He kicked my ass, but he also treated me like a person and not just some girl.

Quoted by J.L. McCoy

My mind told me he most have had a weapon; my eyes saw none.

Quoted by Abigail Gibbs

I'm your worst damn nightmare, Skeletor. I'm a vampire killer with fangs and a grudge.

Quoted by Rachel Caine

Handsome and brilliantly rich; their fatal flaw is murder.

Quoted by Abigail Gibbs

P.S. Murders kill for pleasure. Vampires kill to survive.

Quoted by Abigail Gibbs

I don't understand how meat like you survived to adulthood.

Quoted by Peter Watts

There's only so much temptation a vampire can take.

Quoted by Lindsay J. Pryor

What are you most scared of, Caitlin? What I can do to you, or how I make you feel?

Quoted by Lindsay J. Pryor

You need me, Kane. Maybe even more than I need you.

Quoted by Lindsay J. Pryor

What would a Mohammedan vampire do if faced with a cross?

Quoted by Richard Matheson

We aren't the good guys, Anita. We're the necessary guys. -Edward

Quoted by Laurell K. Hamilton

Strong isn't about not being afraid, Caitlin. It's about facing what you're scared of.

Quoted by Lindsay J. Pryor

Death doesn't always want your eternal sleep. Sometimes Death just wants your eternity.

Quoted by Jacquelynn Gagne