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Wary Quotes

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I urge the general public to be wary of the police on the grounds of health and safety.

Quoted by Steven Magee

Be wary of what you do with the attention social media gives you

Quoted by Bernard Kelvin Clive

Do not go by my humble beginnings. Be wary of my enormous vision.

Quoted by Manoj Arora

The men were always wary of an officer who took form more seriously than function.

Quoted by David Halberstam

Be wary of strong drink, it can make you shoot at the tax collector...and miss.

Quoted by Robert A. Heinlein

Nations, like men, are wary of truth, for truth is too often not beautiful.

Quoted by Addison Gayle Jr

You have already lost if you are always fearful of losing everything.

Quoted by Kamand Kojouri

Always be wary of people who use quotes. I don't know who said that.' - Murdoc Niccals

Quoted by Gorillaz