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Wondered Quotes

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I wondered why the head could move so swiftly while the heart dragged its feet.

Quoted by Jodi Picoult

I wondered how best to demonstrate that we were kindred spirits.

Quoted by Olivia Sudjic

Henry wondered not for the first time if her blood ran red or black.

Quoted by Anna Godbersen

I wondered if all women did with other women was lie and hug.

Quoted by Sarah Winman

Meg's face clouded, and I wondered if she was going to rain the way people do sometimes.

Quoted by Ray Rhamey

Has your life ever been so messed up that you wondered how you would survive another day?

Quoted by Alisa Mullen

I wondered if I'd ever grow up to become a child like her.

Quoted by James Anderson

... and it broke my heart in so many pieces I wondered if it would ever be whole again.

Quoted by Glenn Beck

Kate wondered who was more addicted to their high, serial killers or coffee addicts.

Quoted by Victoria Schwab

...I wondered if it was blasphemous to tell God that rainbows are kitsch.

Quoted by Steve Toltz

I wonder if he'd been as beautiful as Dante. And I wondered why I thought that.

Quoted by Benjamin Alire Senz

Sometimes you have to wonder until you start to wonder why you are even wondering.

Quoted by Edmond Mbiaka

No wedding ring. I wondered when I began to notice such things.

Quoted by Gillian Flynn

I wondered what it was about my family. Why we could never make it right.

Quoted by Chiara Barzini

He wondered if it was safe to grin. Very slowly and carefully, he grinned. It was safe.

Quoted by Douglas Adams

Then I wondered if everybody has that person that haunts them, the one that got away.

Quoted by Marlon James

I wondered what sort of woman loved a man like that.

Quoted by Jon Ronson

His features made him look striking, and I wondered if that was actually his personality.

Quoted by Binta Userkaf

Mister Sun wondered if he really believed it was true that the heart is just a pump.

Quoted by Warren Ellis